What we'd like to ask you to do:

The reunion committee is pleased to announce the 40-year reunion of the West High Class of 1977.  We need your help.  Please help us get the word out!  You can help us by:
  1. Sending us contact information to all of your classmates.
  2. Help us publish it on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.
Please help us by doing these things on this site whether you are coming or not:
  1. Fill out the RSVP page.  (If you aren’t coming, just say so on the RSVP and we’ll try to stop bothering you.)
  2. Say hello on our guest book.
  3. Put a picture of you when you were in high school and another picture of you now on the classmates page.
If you are coming:
  1. Be sure to buy your tickets here on this site before the price goes up!
  2. Come to the reunion on Sept 8, 2017.